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About Me

Paul Joined the film industry at 17 and was lucky enough to work with some incredible lighting cameramen (as they were then known) as an assistant before moving up to camera operator and eventually Director of Photography.

Today he shoots drama, commercials, and pop promo's. In 2022 Paul completed all the 2nd unit photography on 'Ridley' for ITV. He also took over main unit on selected days.  He shot 'Nortenos' for directing duo GRANDMAS - that was long listed for a BIFA. He has also worked on other HETV such as  'Tina and Bobby' (2nd Unit DoP) for ITV and 'Tin Star' for Sky Atlantic. Recently he has operated 'A' and  'B' camera on 'The Bay' and 'The Tower'. In 2020 Paul started working with director James Slater on the documentary 'Look for the Diamonds' - This has just won at Bolton Film Festival and will also compete at Aesthetica, DUMBO and Raindance. Paul has just completed 'Kings of XTC' for Discovery / TALOS films.

In 2017 he was invited to join the Guild of British Camera Technicians 

Paul is currently working on two long term documentary features 'SLAM' and 'Daylight Follows' 
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